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New York Post Sandy

New York Post Sandy

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today was day two of working with the kids. I walked away with a busted lip, a bleeding finger and very sore feet...but I'm ok, thanks for asking.

As sorry as I would like to feel for myself, I can't; because today we met a baby who we were told was two, but looked as big as my 8 month old nephew. We will call him Bengy. Bengy couldn't stop crying and was sensitive to touch. When we inquired about his mother, we were told that she has been too sick and weak to leave the house. Bengy was sick and malnourished. Fortunately, his case was an outlier case, but what was a lot more common were kids who were willing to fight over 4 ounces of water.

We saw over 150 kids come to camp today in hopes of getting a meal of spaghetti and ketchup. I met a kid today who told me that he wants to go to school, but can't because the schools are closed. At the end of each day, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the events of the day, and all I continue to think about is privilege. Our privilege. In 4 days, I will leave this country and get on a plane. I am privileged. I will arrive at jfk airport and pay $40 for a cab ride home. I am privileged. I will walk into my apartment , turn on my lights and have electricity. I am privileged. Most importantly, I will do something a lot of these kids cannot: I will have a hot meal and access to an endless supply of water. What privilege I have! And if you are reading this post, you are privileged too. So as you sit down for your next meal or cup of water remember malnourished Bengy and all the other kids who cannot boast the same privilege as you and I and be thankful for that privileged.

-Dianne Samu


  1. Dianne - Thank you for painting such a vivid picture of a child's life in Cabaret. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you from Fordham, V4H, and the people of Haiti. I will be thinking of all of you as I go through my privileged day today. - Love, Georgeanne Limbach [Jared's mom]

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  3. i believe the fordham law community is very proud of the work fdrn has done and is doing in cabaret, with the invaluable support of V4H.

    the positive impact that you're having on the kids will continue to bloom in their hearts and conversations long after your return.

    lots of b-ball and soccer and jumprope too.