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New York Post Sandy

New York Post Sandy

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre-Haiti Thoughts

Today marks more than the start of our trip to Haiti; it is two-months from the earthquake now.

It was surreal today walking around the city and just thinking of all the basic necessities that I take for granted every day. I held my bottle of water thinking just how important it would be to someone's life in Haiti to have that bottle. Did I even really need it when I could just walk down the hall to the water fountain?

I want to be prepared, but I wonder more and more what that actually means. As much as I can think about what bug spray would work best and which shoes to bring, these are not the things that I really care about most. I want to prepare for what I will see, who I will meet, and how it will make me feel. So really, these are the things that you can never be fully prepared for. I am prepared in the sense that I realizethat I can never fully be so.

It is this inability to predict what will happen that makes this trip especially exciting. I cannot wait to find out what is to come ahead of us. Haiti, here we come !

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