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New York Post Sandy

New York Post Sandy

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Examples of Port-au-Prince Political Graffiti

  • "ONG + MINUSTAH = KOLERA” NGO + MINUSTAH brought kolera
  • "Aba Preval” Down with (President) Preval
  • "Nou Bouke”We’re tired
  • "Ban’m Mannam”Bring mom (Maginat)
  • "Solidarite”Solidarity
  • "Bon Retour Duvalier”Welcome back Duvalier
  • "Aristid viv”Aristide forever
  •  “Mulet = KOLERA” Mulet is the head of MINUSTAH
  • Preval + Jude = KOLERA”Preval is the current president and Jude is his son-in-law and was a candidate for president in the November election
  • “ONG = VOLE” NGOs are thieves
  • “Preval avi”/ “Preval viv”Preval forever

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